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    The Woodford SnoBusters would like to thank Bill Garrison from the Green Mountain National Forrest for his dedication, stewardship, and career long commitment to maintaining and improving access to our Forrest. We all wish Bill the best in the next chapter of his life!

    Several members of the SnoBusters presented Bill with a plaque, thanking him for his service and wishing him well in his retirement, recently at a Green Mountain National Forrest Meeting.

    Members from other snowmobile clubs and user groups were also present

    5 hours ago

    Woodford SnoBusters of Vermont

    Vermont Tourism
    The VAST - Vermont Association of Snow Travelers trails are now open for the season. We followed along with a trail crew as they prepared for opening day. Click to find out how to get on this incredible network of trails this winter! vermontvacation.com/things-to-do/recreation/snowmobiling

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    I'm sorry to report at this time that our Sno-phone is down. Typically we provide conditions and updates via the SnoBuster Sno-phone, 802-447-SNOW (7669), yet we are having difficulties with the line. I will report when we are back up and running! Meanwhile, Think Snow!!! ...

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    7 hours ago

    Some pics from Sunday. Not bad at all for opening day! ...

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    21 hours ago

    New hat for Christmas from dad and mom thank you I love it ...

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    Aldo Fazio sent me word from the trail! He helped with pre-opening clean up, so he got to enjoy his hard work. "110 miles in the books. Pine Valley Parking, 7N. Left early morning and trails were mint. Rode to Mt. Tabor. Forrest roads were awesome. Open water and mud in woods.Trip home was brutal. Throttle jockeys tore up all the corners on Forrest roads. Still some clean up needed. Exposed rocks, etc. Need cold and snow and trails will be mint." ...

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