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The Woodford SnoBusters would like to thank Bill Garrison from the Green Mountain National Forest for his dedication, stewardship, and career long commitment to maintaining and improving access to our Forest We all wish Bill the best in the next chapter of his life!

Several members of the SnoBusters presented Bill with a plaque, thanking him for his service and wishing him well in his retirement, recently at a Green Mountain National Forest Meeting.

Members from other snowmobile clubs and user groups were also present

Look for Woodford SnoBusters' Mary Beth Daniels at Southside Sales Open House in North Adams, MA this Saturday, October 19th from 9am-4pm. TMA's will be available to purchase; please remember to bring a valid registration. Think Snow! ...

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SnoBusters very much appreciate David & Heather DeCarvalho, Douglas Hemenway, Bob Kordrupel, Robert & Diane McCormack, Gene & Kevin McKenna, Mike Rilley and Greg Rymski coming out this Saturday to help with trail maintenance. It was a beautiful fall day spent in the woods, which will make an excellent winter day spent on the sled!
We are going to miss one of our faithful trail crew, Ben DeJohn, who makes nearly every trail clearing date. All our best wishes for a speedy recovery!
Think Snow!

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Bob Vicari of Woodford SnoBusters and Southside Sales represented snowmobiling at the Fall Foliage Parade this past Sunday in Adams, MA. Think Snow! ...

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Forgot this pic! We'll be going out again on Saturday. Hope to see you there! ...

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After a delicious breakfast from SnoBusters Betty Roark, Fred Lemieux and Mary Beth Daniels on Saturday, our volunteer crew went out to tackle trail clearing. Thank you Scott Daniels, Duane and Ray LeTendre, Pat McGee, Gene and Kevin McKenna, Mike Rilley and Greg Rymski for all you continue to do with trail maintenance! Think Snow! ...

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