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The Woodford SnoBusters would like to thank Bill Garrison from the Green Mountain National Forrest for his dedication, stewardship, and career long commitment to maintaining and improving access to our Forrest. We all wish Bill the best in the next chapter of his life!

Several members of the SnoBusters presented Bill with a plaque, thanking him for his service and wishing him well in his retirement, recently at a Green Mountain National Forrest Meeting.

Members from other snowmobile clubs and user groups were also present


A rider shared that on Saturday the intersection at BN7 had hidden stiles, just slightly under the snow cover, yet still presenting an extreme hazard. Please ride with great caution as we have mentioned, it is early season conditions The thin snow cover may be disguising rocks, open water bars and other hazards. Ride safe! ...

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SnoBuster Don Durand shared photos from Saturday, opening day in Woodford! We are off to a good start! ...

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This is it! Today is December 15th, the last day to get preseason pricing by purchasing your Early Bird TMA! Go to www.snobusters.org for a list of vendors, to download the form or buy directly online! All Woodford SnoBuster EB TMA's purchased will be entered in a drwaing to receive next season's TMA free! Trails will open tomorrow for the first day of the season, so be prepared! Ride Safe! ...

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Woohoo! This is the news that we have been hoping for! A groomer went out today filling water bars. Trails WILL BE open for opening day this Saturday! Please keep in mind that it is early season conditions with powdery snow so you may encounter rocks and possible trees down where the groomer hasn't been yet. The groomers will run again when we get more snow! Have fun! Safe riding! ...

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We are all anxiously waiting to get out on the trails Saturday for the first day of snowmobile season, yet please remember that if there is not adequate snow cover, the trails cannot be opened. The SnoBusters will send someone out today to confirm we have enough snow and will posted the decision this afternoon/evening. Early reports seem favorable! These are photos two members posted from the mountain yesterday. Fingers crossed we will hear the news we want! Stay tuned! Think Snow! ...

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